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1. Will I be charged for import Tax?

We ship from local warehouses ( Montreal in Canada) so there will be no Import Tax. Per your local laws, GST may apply.

2. Do you ship to Nunavik, Nunavut, NT or Yukon?

No, we can't ship to Nunavik, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. We do not ship to PO boxes or APO.

3. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer FREE shipping in Canada. Learn more about our Shipping Policy here 

4. Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

No. NIU Energy battery technology protects your battery from overcharging, you can charge whenever you want. 

5. Can I change the item I ordered or change the shipping address?

Yes, please contact for help before shipping. We will try our best to assist you, but please note orders cannot be changed after they are shipped. 

6. What if I change my mind and don't want the item anymore?

We accept change of mind returns.  Learn more about our Return Policy here.

7. What do you call it a "kick scooter"? Do I need to kick all the time?

Nope! NIU electric kick scooters just need to be "kicked" to start moving and then the motor takes over, carrying you to speeds of up to 20mph in comfort and style.

8. How much will it cost me to return my item within the 30 Day Return time?

If there is a problem covered by warranty, NIU will help fix the problem or accept a return at no cost. For Change of Mind returns, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. Return shipping costs vary by distance. (Return address in California in the US and Montreal in Canada)

9. Does the KQi3 have suspension?

While the KQi3 does not have traditional suspension, it does use large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires that provide excellent shock absorption. Some solid-wheeled scooters require suspension to provide the most basic of comforts, but this is not required with the large, wide tubeless pneumatic tires we use for the KQi3.

10.How long do NIU batteries last?

A good battery is the most essential feature in any electric mobility vehicle or device.
That's why NIU offers a 2 year Battery Life warranty, although it should be more like 3 years before you'll really notice a difference. Let's break it down - All NIU kick scooter batteries are thoroughly tested to ensure you'll reach 500 charging cycles before a noticeable difference in your daily use. If we take the KQi3 Pro as an example, we can see that with a range of 30 miles, a daily commute of ~5 miles, and you charge it every 3 days, then 500 charging cycles can last 1500 days - 4 years! In the NIU app, you can easily find all the information about your battery and charging cycles, a useful and transparent feature not provided by any other manufacturers. 

11. Can I turn off the halo light?

The NIU halo light is a daytime running light and cannot be switched off. With the Halo light on, riders can see you from very far away. This form of passive safety feature goes a long way in ensuring your health and safety when riding your NIU. During the daytime, using a daylight running light reduces the accident rate by 12% and fatility rate from accidents by 26%!

12. Can I ride this scooter in the rain?

NIU scooters are rated IP54, which means the scooter is protected from dust and light splashes. You should be fine in light rain or passing through small puddles, but as much as possible try to avoid getting the deck of your kick scooter deck wet as that is where the battery is located.