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NIU BQi-C3 Pro Bike

WhiteGlossy GrayMatte Black

Go Farther, Go Faster

  • 150km per charge(both batteries)

  • Swappable Twin Batteries

  • 3 riding modes: Pedal, Throttle, and Pedal-Assist

  • Top Speed: 45 km/h

  • Motor Power: 750w

Durable and Long-lasting

  • 33x more durable Gates Carbon Belt Drive

  • Puncture Resistant Tires with 1.5mm KEVLAR® ARAMID FIBER inside

  • 2-Year Warranty (Incl. battery and motor)

Go Easier

  • Lightweight Batteries

  • Adjustable Seat Height 

  • Adjustable Handlebar Angle

Weather Ready

  • Splash-Resistant: IP45 for whole bike

  • Waterproof Components 

    IP67 Battery

    IP65 Motor 

Smart, Bright TFT Display

  • See your speed, distance traveled, trip time, battery level, assist level, and more, all in crisp, clear color!

  • 30-day Return
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
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  • Overview
  • Electronics
  • Components
  • Geometry
  • What's in the Box

Twin Batteries

Twice The Range

Go Farther

Go Faster


Clean, Safe Design

Ride Easier


Go Safely

Smart Life


Travel Range

45 km/h

Top Speed

48V 20Ah



Max Power

Go Farther

With a capacity of 920Wh, the BQi-C3 Pro's swappable dual batteries will carry you up to 150 km - a range that is incomparable at this price. 

100-150 km 

per Charge


Total Battery Capacity

Swappable Dual Batteries

Purchase an extra set of swappable batteries to double your range! At just over 5.4kg, two spares easily fit in a backpack or pannier*

*Additional batteries sold separately.

Go Faster

Get there faster with speeds of up 
to 45km/h in Pedal-Assist Mode

45nm starting torque      750W maximum power
500W rated power

Durable and Long-lasting

  • 33x More Durable Drive System
  • Puncture-resistant Tires
  • 2-Year Warranty

Unlike the majority of bikes in the market that use old metal chains, the BQi-C3 Pro comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Gates Carbon Drive. Compared to just 280 miles for standard chains, carbon drives are tested with heavy loads to last for more than 10,000 miles, and all without a single drop of grease.

The BQi-C3 Pro's tires are reinforced with a 1.5mm layer of KEVLAR® ARAMID FIBER inside the tire, providing excellent puncture resistance.

The most expensive parts of an ebike, the battery and motor, are covered for 2 years, compared other brands providing only 6 months or a year!

Clean, Safe Design

Designed with the whole riding experience in mind, the BQi-C3 Pro features clean, simple lines and colors and a deep step through frame that is safe and stable for riders of all sizes. Suggested height 160cm-200cm

Integrated Dual Batteries

Completely integrated dual batteries hide within the frame of the BQi-C3 Pro, only highlighted by the paint job. It's a clean, minimalist design that goes as well with any outfit.

Go Easier


Oh, it's raining? No problem. The BQi-C3 Pro is rated IP45 water resistant*, with built-in fenders to keep your shoes clean and your feet dry while you power through those puddles.


Even Better, The battery is rated IP67 while the motor is rated IP65. 

Important: Please ride carefully when riding in the rain or wet weather as you will need a longer distance to slow and stop. Please also ensure the battery compartments are sealed when outdoors, and avoid riding in puddles deeper than 5cm

Safe Riding

Stop quickly and safely with front and rear disc brakes, and use the integrated Halo light and Tail Light to see and stay visible, even in the dark of night.

Safe Power

The BQi-C3 Pro is equipped with the NIU ENERGY BMS system, a patented industry-leading technology that provides 14 types of protection and has safely carried riders more than 7 billion miles. 

Smart, Bright TFT Display

Easily see your speed, distance traveled, trip time, battery level, and more on the bright 3.5" TFT display.




48V, 2 Amp NIU smart charger, operates on 100V-240V AC power outlets


NIU frame-integrated controller


TFT Colorful Display with speedometer, distance traveled, trip time, battery level, assist level, and more

Hub Motor

500W brushless, planetary gear reduction motor

Max power 750W, actual power varies depending on riding conditions


Front: NIU ICONIC HALO Daytime Running headlight

Rear: Integrated taillight with brake light

Pedal Assist

3 level pedal assist with Dual Hall cadence sensor


100-150km per charge (estimate)

*150km tested with a full charge carrying a 75kg rider on a flat road without wind, at an average speed of 15km/h.


Thumb throttle


Water resistant connectors and wiring harness

USB Ports

Integrated, under display

5V/500 MA

Brake Calipers

Mechanic Disc brake

Brake Rotors

180 mm front and rear


Carbon Gates Belt Drive

Crank Set

50T, aluminum crankset


Included, black aluminum alloy front and rear, full coverage


Aluminum alloy


22T Freewheel


Single-Speed (3 electric gears)


Comfortable ergonomic grips


Aluminum alloy


Sealed Bearing Headset, 1-1/8" straight steerer tube


Heavy-duty aluminum with wide plastic foot


Aluminum pedal with reflectors, 9/16"


Rear: Included, 66lb (30kg) carrying capacity


Aluminum alloy, 36 hole

Rim width: 20 mm


Comfortable ergonomic saddle


30.9 x 350 x 2.6T aluminium alloy

Seatpost Clamp

Quick release


13-gauge stainless steel


90º angle adjustment


NIU 27.5" x 2.4" puncture-resistant tires

Net Weight

32 kgs


130 kgs

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